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Welcome to Digital Compliance is an initiative by veteran internet techpreneurs who have come together to run this for profit organization. The need for Digital Compliance was identified when the team understood, after surveying the website owners about their websites being responsive (consistent on multiple screen resolutions), friendly to search engines, quick and navigable. The website owners also don't have a frame work based on which these website are created and they find it difficult to keep track of changes implemented by different online engagement platforms and aggregators. Web Designers and Web Programmers worldwide don't pay full attention to those specifics which makes the websites they create follow certain norms. has created a flexible framework which helps the web site owners, web designers and web programmers built fault free websites with the help of technology.


If you are website owner, web developer, web designer or someone responsible for your organizations web site, please fill the form or send us mail on

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The validity of the certificate is for 1 Year from the date of Certification

You have to renew your certificate before the Validity date mentioned in the Certificate

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